CreditAccess India (“CAI”) is a well-established company, of healthy and secure financial standing, attracting funds globally and providing working capital loans and other financial services to small, informal businesses and unbanked workers, in India. Our clients are mainly women running retail shops, small-scale traders and family farmers.

We deploy our assets in a country of more than 1 billion individuals and around 107 million unbanked people and businesses, representing the hidden backbone of the local economy where we operate. Across Asia microfinance has emerged as a recognized and sustainable commercial business; fully integrated into the financial sector and regulated by the respective financial authorities.

In business for over 13 years, CreditAccess currently serves 4 million clients with 14,000 employees operating through our branches in India. CAI is a professionally managed company invested in by 220+ shareholders. Among them: Olympus Capital Asia (US PE firm, focusing on mid-cap Asian companies) holding 15% and Asian Development Bank holding 9%. The initial shareholders are a large group of family offices and HNWIs still representing around 50% of the share capital.








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Microventures SA (later known as CAA) is established and invests in two Indian NBFCs: Equitas Holding Ltd. And CA-Grameen.


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CAA further invests in Equitas Holding Ltd.


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CAA raises an additional EUR 20m in equity, setting up CA-Indonesia, a greenfield operation. CAA also increases its equity stake in CA-Grameen.


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The company raises EUR 40 million through a convertible bond and acquires full control of CA-Grameen. CAA also sets up CA-Philippines, another greenfield operation.


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Olympus Capital Asia, invests USD 30 million into CAA through a convertible bond.


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CAA sets up greenfield operations in Vietnam.


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CAA increases equity capital by EUR 112 million and welcomes the Asian Development Bank as a strategic shareholder.


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CA-Grameen lists on the Bombay Stock Exchange.


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Madhura Microfinance acquisition


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Demerger of South-East Asian Businesses and focus on India