Demerger of South-East Asian Businesses and focus on India

Madhura Microfinance acquisition

CA-Grameen lists on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

CAA increases equity capital by EUR 112 million and welcomes the Asian Development Bank as a strategic shareholder.

CAA sets up greenfield operations in Vietnam.

Olympus Capital Asia, invests USD 30 million into CAA through a convertible bond.

The company raises EUR 40 million through a convertible bond and acquires full control of CA-Grameen. CAA also sets up CA-Philippines, another greenfield operation.

CAA raises an additional EUR 20m in equity, setting up CA-Indonesia, a greenfield operation. CAA also increases its equity stake in CA-Grameen.

CAA further invests in Equitas Holding Ltd.

Microventures SA (later known as CAA) is established and invests in two Indian NBFCs: Equitas Holding Ltd. And CA-Grameen.