Sulochana in Siddapura, India

Sulochana cultivates coffee and pepper in Siddapura, her business is based in a small village in the Virajpete coffee region in Karnataka. A CreditAccess Grameen customer for the past 3 years, Sulochana says that all businesses need capital to expand. “Though I have been doing this for 10 years, I never had access to capital when I needed it, so I could not grow the business.”

Once Sulochana had access to a regular flow of working capital, she made timely investments in her business and grew it with focus and determination. “Cultivating plants and plantations is hard work,” she says. “At the end of it all, we used to make about 3000 to 4000.” This has now increased more than three-fold, she says. Prior to purchasing credit from CreditAccess Grameen Sulochana could only invest with the minimal amount left over from sales each month. Now, she can get a loan from CreditAccess Grameen and invest to continue expanding and growing her business, providing much greater returns than before.